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  • Casters for easy mobility
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Low Manitenance
  • Auto-On Feature
  • No Installation Required
  • CF0033
  • Charcoal Filter
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • High & Low Settings
  • Locking Caster wheels
  • No Installation Required
  • CF0035
  • UV-C Air Purifier
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Ti02 Technology
  • Cord Wrap
  • No Installation Required
  • CF0036
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Infrared Technology   We Back What We Make!
Far Infrared waves are a more natural form of heat, like Sunshine! Think about the last time you were under the shade of a tree.The air is the same how ever the "heat from the inside out" is comfort furnace infrared technologydifferent when you step out from the shaded area. That is infrared heat and that is the Comfort Furnace® difference!

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  Comfort Furnace® infrared heaters are designed to be the highest-performing and most feature-rich products in the industry. Our Silver heater features a 1 year limited warranty and our Gold + Titanium 1 year limited warranty on the unit and a 3 year warranty on the infrared heating elements.heaters feature a 3 year warranty. In addition to our worry-free warranty you can call our bilingual customer service with any questions!

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Our Portable infrared heaters are the easiest and quietest option to keep your home warm. The Comfort Furnace® Infrared heater's portable design is energy efficient and helps provide the right amount of heat, in any room. The Comfort Furnace® lines of Portable infrared heaters are designed with the consumer in mind, built-in nylon casters lets you bring the comfortable heat where ever you go. With Comfort Furnace's® all-star lineup of Silver, Gold and Titanium portable infrared heaters you're sure to find the heater that suits your room's needs! Good things really do come in small packages! The Comfort Furnace's® advanced far infrared technology provides you with a reliable heating source that can heat up to 1000sq. ft. and plug into a standard 110 volt wall socket.

Order an Infrared Furnace Heater from Comfort Furnace to benefit your home

The Comfort Furnace offers a variety of home heating options. These portable room heaters use infrared technology; this is a very safe, efficient and effective way to heat a space. Infrared heat does not rise like heat from combustion would but it heats objects and surfaces the same way sunlight does, making infrared furnace heaters more proficient than other heaters. Since they work this way, your portable infrared heater can be aimed at specific objects or people to heat only them, just the room, or the whole house. Energy costs are lower when you use a portable room heater because it has the ability to heat only specific spaces and not the entire home. You can have your own infrared furnace heater by ordering it at anytime online via our online site.

A portable infrared heater can make a huge difference in your home living. Staying warm with your infrared furnace heater will make any space more cozy and people more comfortable. Your bills will be lower when you use your portable room heater allowing you to save money for unexpected expenses or for exciting upcoming events.

Comfort Furnace makes a variety of beautiful Portable Infrared Heaters

Canadians know how vicious winter can get so you can trust a Canadian company to know how necessary heating is as well as how expensive it can be. Comfort Furnace, is based in Winnipeg and sells all across Canada. They produce high quality infrared furnace heaters. Portable room heaters are an excellent solution to heating individual spaces. Portable infrared heaters work very quickly, as soon as it is turned on you will start to feel the heat so there is no need to heat a space prior to entering it. Seeing as it is a portable room heater, it can be moved from space to space wherever heat is needed.

Keep comfortable and warm while in your own home and when you have guests over you can be sure that they too will be comfortable. With a portable infrared heater, you can enjoy any space in your home without having to be bundled up and save money on energy bills. Comfort Furnace’s infrared furnace heaters are offered in a variety of finishes to match your décor. They are a beautiful addition to any space when you are looking to provide comfort. These portable room heaters will work well functionally and aesthetically in whatever room they end up. Portable infrared heaters are the best in space heating so you can be up to date with technology and enjoy a wonderfully warm room.

For a portable room heater that is safe, efficient and quite beautiful, order an infrared furnace heater from Comfort Furnace. These portable infrared heaters are backed with up to a three year warranty. They are some of the most high quality and durable. You can have confidence in the infrared technology to keep you warm using safer methods than traditional heaters and your portable room heater will be a happy addition to your home.

comfort furnace 30 day risk free trial
comfort furnace 30 day risk free trial
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