Infrared Space Heaters

Want the comfort of massage without the exorbitant price tag? Now you can with Comfort Zone’s infrared space heaters.

With Comfort Furnace® infrared heating technology you get a therapeutic feel without leaving the comfort of your living room. The infrared space heaters are so beneficial, hospitals and physical therapists are including the process in their medical practices.

The patented infrared heat exchanger uses energy more efficiently than traditional heating. The infrared space heater distributes warmth evenly throughout the room; heating the floor, ceiling and furniture means the air absorbed by other objects is re-distributed back into the atmosphere. This process can save you up to 50% on your heating bill!

All of our infrared space heaters come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. In the rare case of a replacement part, a representative will arrange your new hardware within minutes.

Our models are designed to fit with any décor. Our infrared space heaters come in a choice of Oak Wood, Tuscan Walnut Wood or Cherry Wood.

Comfort Furnace® infrared space heaters let you enjoy the warmth of traditional heating, without the price tag. Try one of our models today! Call us at 1-877-700-9145 or order online.