Infrared Room Heaters

Heat from your home’s furnace can be much more wasteful than you realize. Turning it on means heating every room at once, which wastes a good deal of energy, and much of the warmth produced is squandered on other objects in the room. Comfort Furnace® infrared room heaters are limited to heating just the room you’re in and deliver soft, even heat that focuses solely on you.

Infrared room heaters work exactly the way their name implies – by only heating the room you’re in. You just plug them in wherever you are, and almost instantly you’ll be feeling warmth that’s more safe, beneficial and relaxing. You’ll notice the economical advantages of owning an infrared room heater as soon as you get your next heating bill, and you’ll also feel good knowing you’re staying warm without doing any harm to the environment.

Stop wasting warmth and start enjoying it with Comfort Furnace® infrared room heaters! Order online or contact us at 1-877-700-9145!

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